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Perfect fit. Pure Ibiza moments.

All garments are created with love, from the finest organic cotton. Every detail of fit and styling has been refined to bring you the very best the quality possible.

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Designed for Freedom

Freedom Is Paradise Ibiza

Born & bred on Ibiza

The unique, vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza could only be created by freedom of expression and freedom of speech. For us, the liberty to express oneself is a state of mind that IS Paradise. In Ibiza we all have the power to be who we want to be.

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The fit - for local lovers & endless clubbers

The Freedom is Paradise fit feels comfortably on the body with an optimal length and width. Inspired by the island’s history, aesthetic beauty, culture and modern dance music scene, each garment can be worn as a visual expression of freedom. 

Feel Freedom

The style - from sunset to sunrise

For every Ibiza occasion we offer the Freedom is Paradise styles in Island colours. The unique, vibrant atmosphere of Ibiza could only be created by freedom of expression and freedom of speech. In Ibiza we all have the power to be who we want to be. 

Be Free

Ocean clean-up

  • Organic Cotton

    Our believe is Love & Live Free in Paradise. We are a sustainable clothing brand, focusing on apparel better for the environment. All our products are made of 100% organic cotton and are grown without using harmful pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Reduce negative impacts on oceans, fresh water and our beautiful nature. Collectively we can give our thanks to everything that Ibiza has brought us. We hope to enjoy the island together for many years to come and preserve its beauty and free spirit for future generations.

    Experience organic 
  • Ibiza's Oceans

    Freeing the seas of plastic around Ibiza by boat. With the launch of one of the world's first solar powered ocean clean-up catamarans, Ibiza ramps up the initiative to clean up plastic in its waters. Two organisations, the IBi Foundation and Ibi Free Life have funded the purchase of a La Bella Verde catamaran, fitted with an ocean clean-up system to take to the seas. Let's all celebrate this welcome addition to cleaning up Ibiza's beautiful environment!

    Help clear up the ocean 
  • Local Lovers

    Ibiza's heritage wouldn't be anything without the history behind its hippy movement on the island. Since the late 1950s, those who follow the ideals of freedom and bohemian expression have flocked to the island to settle in the sun. This liberated culture has carried its influence throughout the decades, nurtured by Ibiza's own free spirit. If daytime is the pretty yang of these trees' beautiful blossom, nighttime is the ethereal yin, when the flowers take on a silver-white glow lit by the moonlight, with the best time to see this around the full moon.

    Ibiza's almond trees in bloom 
  • Endless Clubbers

    Ibiza is a magical place of sun, sea, music and madness that you will never be able to forget. Seeing the sunrise light flood the air inside a super club is one of the best feelings to be had on the island. Being surrounded by fellow ravers, knowing that you've shared a night you will always remember is unbeatable. Ibiza packs heart, soul, magic and madness into every corner of the island. Take a peek at our party calendar for the complete schedule of all the parties on the island.

    Party calendar 
  • Great Ibiza sunsets

    Sunsets on Ibiza are easily some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer. In fact they are pretty spectacular, with beautiful rich colours of oranges, reds, pinks and purples that seduce those viewing one, with sights of pure dreaminess. Each site and each day is unique, so when you go for the magical time when day turns into night, you can expect your own minor miracle. Here are some of the best places to catch the sunset on Ibiza.

    Discover Ibiza sunset spots 
  • Designed in Ibiza, handmade in Portugal

    We hope you appreciate the garments designed and created from our warm Balearic hearts. Our first collection is designed with our loyal visitors in mind and represents a flavour of the content that you have been enjoying, for years, on Ibiza Spotlight. All garments are produced in Portugal, from the finest organic cotton, and every detail of fit and styling has been refined to bring you the very best the quality possible. So forget fast fashion and think Freedom is Paradise when looking for your Ibiza tshirt.


Ibiza Spotlight

The driving power behind Freedom Is Paradise is Ibiza Spotlight, which has been connecting the world to Ibiza for over 44 years. Now, the abbreviation of the initials, IS, combines ‘Freedom’ and ‘Paradise’ into one feeling. 

Discover Ibiza
  • Freedom IS Paradise - a new fashion brand is born. Free at last!

    This is only the start. Like our palm tree emblem, our creativity will continue to grow and spread with our limitless inspiration from this incredible place. Follow our story andshare in the love and freedom.

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  • Ibiza 2022 clubbing gets the green light

    Our legendary party calendar is beginning to fill, tickets are already on sale and be prepared for a flow of major club announcements to follow very soon. It all adds up to the most hopeful feeling we have had in the past 2 years. Let’s make 2022 a year to remember!

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