Paradise on earth

Around 1000 B.C. the Phoenicians discovered the island of Ibiza, founded YBSM and made liberty a central value. Their passion for freedom runs through the Phoenician poetic images of free flowing rivers and swallows that never touch the ground. Ibiza is 'paradise'. Ibiza is 'freedom'. For us, the liberty to express oneself is a state of mind that IS Paradise. In Ibiza we all have the power to be who we want to be. 

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A symbol of welcoming

The palm symbol is inspired by a beautiful piece of 3rd century B.C Phoenician art, uncovered in Ibiza at Puig des Molins. A symbol of victory, rejoicing, triumph, peace, freedom and eternal life. This symbol of Phoenicia appeared on coins, shields, vases and jewellery. The palm is one of the trees identified as The Sacred Tree, welcoming us to heaven and is the perfect integration of male and female.

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The first name given to Ibiza 𐤀‏𐤉‏𐤁‏𐤔‏𐤌‏

Our ancient symbols are inspired by the first name ever given to Ibiza, y-b-š-m in 1000 BC. A well-known Phoenician linguist translated the name y-b-š-m as 'balsam island'. We interpret the word 𐤁‏𐤔‏𐤌 b-š-m as fragrance or perfume. Hence 'Perfume Island, Island of Fragance'. 𐤀𐤉‏ is the etymologically correct form of 'iy' = island. The second element has to do with the deity Bes. Bs could be the name of the original inhabitants, 'the Perfume Island of the Bes people'. 


Protector of Freedom

Bes was protector of all the good things in life, such as music, dance, sexual pleasure and freedom. Bes fought off evil spirits and played an important role in everyday life. Thousands of years later, Bes still lives up to his legacy. Everybody should have a little Bes in their life - a protecting, fun, caring friend to one and all, is exactly what the world needs today.

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Ibiza Spotlight

ibiza spotlight freedom is paradise

After 24 years of publishing printed island guides highlighting the very best that the island has to offer, Ibiza Spotlight launched online in 1999 and has since built an almost iconic reputation as a source of information and services for Ibiza.

At the beginning of 2019, a group of friends at Ibiza Spotlight embarked on the seemingly impossible mission to capture the essence of the island of Ibiza. Many have tried before, but we were determined to succeed.

Drawing upon our font of the millions of words written on the subject by the island's number one guide, we delved into the history of the island and distilled the pleasure it has given the millions of visitors who make their annual pilgrimages.

Two words always rose to the surface: ‘Freedom' and ‘Paradise'. Themes that have resonated down the ages, throughout the history of this wondrously beautiful jewel in the Mediterranean. A place considered by generations of visitors, who have been seduced by her charms, to be the incarnation of heaven on Earth and where freedom of expression is exalted.

18-months later and we are ready to launch a range of clothes that we believe encapsulates the spirit of the island. Despite the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have emerged stronger, with a focussed message that now has a universal resonance and can be worn with pride – Freedom IS Paradise.

This is only the start. Like our palm tree emblem, our creativity will continue to grow and spread with our limitless inspiration from this incredible place. Follow our story and share in the love and freedom.

We know you will enjoy our clothing and hope to see you here on Ibiza very soon.

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IBIZA SPOTLIGHT S.L., Crta. San José km 3, Sec. 1, Pol. 1, no. 7605, apdo. de correos 1027, 07817 Sant Jordi, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain